The Secret Saints




THE SECRET SAINTS It was a chance meeting in the summer of '05' that the seeds of the power pop duo, The Secret Saints, were planted. As their friendship flourished and their own personal relationships began to disintegrate, they began to write songs together. Under no pretense, Aaron and AJ found that even before they put a name on their project, The Secret Saints was really a guild for the two songwriters.

Soon enough, a demo of their first complete song was done, and it was time to put it to the test. During their Friday night residency at Risque' Cafe, they played "Sunday Morning". As the song ended, patrons and even a friend and fellow musician who didn't know it was them, came up and inquired who the band was and the name of the song.

With such a positive and encouraging response, they decided that it was time to make music on their own terms. Songs that could connect directly to the purest plains of the soul, but in a format in which even the most passive listener could catch on to.

The Secret Saints are a fusion, an amalgamation of sorts, showcasing with bright lights, the depth of passion, and the resilience of the human heart. This is the sound of love's howl echoing against the hallowed walls of eternity. This is The Secret Saints.


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1. Let's Fall In Love

2. Johnny Come Lately

3. Sunday Morning


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